Portishead Like Radiohead

by MIKEL MCCOY · April 22, 2008

    portisheadAs a blogger it's my job to read blogs and get info to you the GOFG reader, as well as go out and cover news. Reading my friend's tech blog etronicscompany, I found out that, starting yesterday, Portishead joined the ranks of Radiohead in the forefront of the digital music revolution. Last year Radiohead made their release In Rainbows a download-only album in October before putting it in U.S. stores the last week of December. Letting fans pay what they wished instead a set price. The trick worked and In Rainbows went on to enter the Billboard charts at #1 in January. Portishead's new album Third is available to be listened to in its entirety on last.fm.

    While you can't download this one you can listen to the new Portishead joint for free, LIKE WORD! Portishead hasn't blessed the world with it distinctive mix of jazzy samples low-fi texture and film noir flavor since 1998's live album Roseland NYC Live. Sure their first single was Sour Times when they first came out of the box back in 1994, but the times seem super SWEET now. Most definitely sweet when you get to hear Portishead crooning and bumping for free and not break any laws AT ALL