Roses, In Other Words

by CLAIRE WILLETT · March 14, 2008

    jerrey gaines-

    There's little we love more than an interesting cover, so when The Moment's current guest blogger, Bing Bang jewelry designer Anna Sheffield, mentioned some of her favorites, we couldn't help but think of our own.



    -The Undergrad's top 13 cover songs

    1. In Your Eyes, Jeffrey Gaines. If you haven't heard this yet, go to youtube pronto. 2. Like I love You, Bell X1. Yes it's the Justin one, and yes it's absolutely fabulous and nearly unrecognizable 3. All that she wants, the Kooks. Catchier, rougher, better. 4. Toxic, Marc Ronson feat. Nick Catchdubs. Funny, and full of great jazz riffs. 5. Personal Jesus, Johnny Cash. The lyrics are the only thing in common with the Depeche Mode version. That's not a bad thing. 6. Satisfaction, Cat Power. Ditto. 7. The Guitar Man, Cake. Maybe you remember a cheesy 70's band called Bread. Imagine if they were good. 8. Tainted Love, Soft Cell. Did you even know this was a cover? 9. Take Me to the River, Talking Heads. Ditto. Or actually, you might have, if you're into Al Green. 10. Across the Universe, Rufus Wainwright. Not that we have anything against the original, but Rufus' voice is gorgeous here. 11. Wonderwall, Ryan Adams. What the song should have sounded like the first time 'round. 12. Video Killed the Radio Star, Radiohead. Radiohead can be poppy? Yes, and it works damn well. 13. The White Stripes. We're partial to Jolene too. We love pretty much everything Jack puts his greasy yowl to.