Ryan McGinley's Short Film On The Virgins Performance At Le Baron NYC

by Yumi Matsuo · March 21, 2012

    Back in the beginning of March, The Virgins performed an intimate set at Le Baron for part three of Absolut's Encore! series. The crowd packed into the small space to see the return of the New York-based band, with their new track "Prima Materia." Ryan McGinley, who is credited for introducing the band to each other back in 2004, filmed the entire show with five different cameras stationed around the dark room.

    Best friend and official photographer of the band, McGinley captured the intimate performance and tinted the footage pink. He admits in his interview in Nowness,

    "I've always thought of The Virgins as a pink band."

    The lead singer of The Virgins, Donald Cummings was all for capturing the debut of their single.

    “We were so psyched for Ryan to capture that show on film, because you only get to play songs for the first time once,” says Cumming. “'Prima Materia' was written that week, just a few days before so it was great that he got it."

    Cummings and McGinley have been best friends for 13 years now. They met in 1999 on the streets of the lower west side in New York. McGinley would ride passed Cummings every day, who would sit on the stoop waiting for his girlfriend on the stoop because her parents wouldn't let him inside the house. After meeting, McGinely started to photograph Cummings. McGinley's work garnered a lot of attention, and Cummings eventually got offers from fashion lines and ended up with a modeling agency. Their artistic forces came together when The Virgins were formed, and McGinely became the official photographer for the band.

    The band is back in the studio now after re-grouping from their four year tour around the world. With two new members, The Virgins hope to have an album out later this year.

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