The Kanye Meets Beethoven Concert You NEED To See This Week

by Christie Grimm · January 17, 2018

    Since Yeezus couldn't possibly flatter himself any more even if he tried, others will have to pick up the slack - especially as he's now a busy father of three!

    After a beyond successful series last year, the concert of the year returns. Yeethoven II: Two Eras, One Radical Spirit's hour-long performance presented by the Lincoln Center Young Patrons will see the music of Kanye and Beethoven, two of the most controversial, revolutionary musicians of their day, sampled and spliced together.

    Did you ever think you'd be able to hear your favorite tunes from Yeezus and Life of Pablo played by a classical orchestra at Lincoln Center? Will Kanye leave as lasting a legacy as Ludwig? 

    Coolest date night ever. That's all we'll say.

    Clear your schedule this Thursday, January 18th. Oh - and don't forget to grab tickets to the post-show party as well!

    [Photo via Getty]