Tweeting Your Way Around The CMJ Festival. Twitterers Worth Following:

by Rachelle Hruska · October 22, 2009

    Yesterday, Billy put together this handy dandy post for you novices out there who would might need a CMJ 101 class. Today, I noticed the insane amount of Twitter activity coming from #CMJ lovers. Music and tech geeks sometimes seem to be clones of each other (both tend to take on hipster diets), so it's no surprise that this festival would have a prominent number of tweeters and bloggers chronicling it.  Click below for some of the more prolific twitter accounts to follow if you are looking for up to date info on the shows..

    First, here is the official full schedule of events: [CMJ EVENT SCHEDULE]

    All CMJ related tweets (second-by-second): #CMJ

    Simple.Social.Scheduling is one of the best overall CMJ coverage we've found: @sched

    The Official CMJ Network: @CMJnetwork

    Andrew WK, the entertainer has been tweeting about his CMJ adventures: @AndrewWK

    UndergroundMgmt is doing a great job of chronicling the late night parties: @UndergroundMgmt

    Rock Band, your favorite game, is in on the CMJ action: @RockBand

    Brooklynvegan is always up on the lastest music news, CMJ is their Christmas morning: @brooklynvegan

    Who are we missing? Don't be shy, let us know if you are tweeting about CMJ!