"Best 2K I Ever Spent": Hipsters and Turn-Tablers (Whicka-Whicka) Get Low At Ella Lounge

by Sun Kersor · January 7, 2011

If the mustache defines the party, Ella Lounge on Wednesday found hipsters fastidiously perky, odd, and intricate. The flock of DJs, including Gavin Royce and Squirrel M@aster, raided the Alphabet City joint for some hump day fun.

Sometimes at the start of January, you just have to wear that old purple sweater mom gave you; that way, your year can only improve. Simple strategy, folks.

Just ask this dude. He's willing to bet on it as he squints into the future.

Naturally, there's the shoulder shimmy that can ensure a bangin' start to 2011.

Of course, some need warmth from a yellow hat as the blizzard looms toward the end of the week.

The hood is an effective protective mechanism for the start of the new year. C'mon: everyone will think you're Eminem.

But don't hide behind that security blanket too long. Unleash your inner romantic.

[Images via Nicky Digital]