Amanda Dolan Gives Us A Jolt of Color With "Heart Attack"


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    Mixed-media painter Amanda Dolan recently opened her new show, "Heart Attack", at the Ward-Nasse Gallery in SoHo, and we were lucky enough to be there at the opening.  With the help of DJ Tommy USA, cupcakes from Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery and twelve bags of heart shaped chocolate, Amanda exhibited her new colorful new series to guests like Tia Walker, The Apprentice's Kwame Jackson and Troy McClain, Jessica Caban, Sylvia Heisel, Adrien Field, Alexandra Alexis, mom Jennifer Dolan, Molly Ashton, Talia Thelen, Trash and Vaudeville's Jimmy Webb, photographer John Muggenborg and Amanda's "Rock of Ages" drummer boyfriend, Jon Weber.

    More story and photos below:

    Our own John Norwood described her work thusly:

    Amanda Dolan's paintings are eclectic, chaotic, dynamic, pop, turbulent, ecstatic, passionate, frenzied, emotional, exuberant, eye-popping, neon, multi-layered, crazy, bright, vibrant and indelibly pink - just like her. She lives in her paintings.

    To catch this whirlwind of color, drippings, splatters and hearts you've got to get there by March 31st.

    Amanda Dolan (center) and guests

    Proud mom Jennifer Dolan and guest