Feel Like Atlas

by MICHAEL PASTORINO · July 11, 2008

     In a city as wonderful as New York, that has everything and everyone, it can sometimes feel like you’re dwarfed by all those skyscrapers and celebrities. Yes, I know. (Those of you who took my advice last week and are now clones of Kanye West are most likely not having this problem.) For the rest, you too can move the world, or at least move a giant cube called “Alamo” down on Astor Place. Go for it, it’s a good time.

    LOVEAnd for the even braver folks, you can conquer LOVE, the everlasting enigma, the giant red heart at the end of the tunnel, placed for your convenience in statue form on 55th and 6th avenue, next to your friendly hotdog vendor. See specimen above, identified here only as “wildchild Roberta,” who as shown is in love, or at least his hands and feet are anyways. You too can share the glory, the passion, the love, as he displays in our accompanying after photo. Good afternoon, and good luck.

    [You Can Be Kanye West]