NYC Socialites Gather To Celebrate Manuel Pardo

by Chiara Atik · December 10, 2009

    Tory Burch, Nur Khan, Lukas Haas, Carlos Souza, Carlos Mota, Charlotte Ronson, and Ann Dexter-Jones are a few of the New Yorkers who attended Alex Kramer and Daniel Baker's cocktail party to celebrate the life and works of Manuel Pardo. [All photos by Nick Hunt for PMc]. The artist, who has long been a favorite of New Yorkers, is best known for his technicolor paintings and prints, as well as larger wall paintings. His murals are even on the walls of JFK airport. Perhaps some of the guests last night even purchased their own Pardo for Christmas?

    Nur Khan, Daniel Baker, Manuel Pardo

    Carlos Mota, Tory Burch, Carlos Souza

    Charlotte Ronson, Ann Dexter-Jones

    Billy Villesca, Lukas Haas, David Blaine

    Alex Kramer, Aaron Richard Golub, Liz Cohen

    Bronson van Wyck, Karren Larrain, Jim Shi

    Bara Tisch, Karen Larrain, Maggie Katz

    Claudia Cisneros, Patrick Bell, Nazy Nazhand

    Gil Traub, Michael Heller, Laurie Traub