PAPERCUT At Heist Gallery, A Recessionista's Reprieve

by Rachelle Hruska · December 18, 2008

    [Photos by EUGENE MIM for PMc]

    Last Saturday, my favorite art gallery, HEIST owned by my fellow Omaha native Talia Eisenberg hosted "PAPERCUT" a group show of works on paper.  I talked to her at an annual black tie masquerade party last night and got her to elaborate:

    The show is called PAPERCUT, all works on paper, but I like to call it "PAPERCUT-COME ONE COME ALL, RECESSIONISTA'S REPRIEVE"- I have always believed, but even more so now during this economic predicament, art should be socially democratic and affordable for all. Not just for the socialite but for the socialist!. I mean with Damien Hurst's golden calf fetching 20 million dollars at Sotheby's, I feel like those people are being taken for a ride and it inspired me to do a show involving 30 or so artists with limited editions of ten per work- inexpensive for all and great, easy gifts for xmas/channukah/kwanza/scientologists...

    Adrian Sas, Matt Lucas, Julie FishkinAron Wahl, Duane Bruton

    More story and photos below:

    The response at the show last weekend was overwhelming and it was packed (the space is small but even so...). We at Heist did and are hoping to continue to sell 'em like hotcakes. Everyone likes to admire and acquire beautiful things, not just the living but also the hanging.

    Carter Cramer, Adrien FieldAudrey Shanahan, Amanda Young Shortall

    More on Papercut:

    Heist Gallery presents Papercut, a group show of works on paper. This exhibition features artists who put ink to paper to create their conceived world. Ink on paper in its various forms is the essence of communication and has served as the indispensable tool for artists and writers, allowing them to transform ideas into visual manifestations. Paper – the flat smooth surface of this ubiquitous element – is the essential starting point that moves each artist presented here to the limitless possibilities of creative thought.

    The eponymous exhibition coincides with the launch of Papercut, a project created by Amani Olu, founder of the Humble Arts Foundation and Julie Fishkin, curator, writer and founder of the MetroColorCollision art collective.Papercut is an online exhibition platform that showcases five works on paper per month, working as an interactive gallery, with each one available for purchase as a print. The project celebrates the accessible nature of prints and the printmaking process. A print is a work on paper created through the application and transfer of ink from a surface onto paper and exists in multiples. Rather than drawing directly on paper, the artist creates the intended image for print on a separate surface and places a sheet of paper in contact with ink to create the desired number of multiples. Each impression becomes an edition. From the earliest woodcut prints found in China in the ninth century to the screen prints universalized by Pop art of the 1960s, printmaking is a technically involved and skillful process that allows for the creation of singular artworks that can exist in multiple examples. This versatile process therefore enables one to own a unique creative vision at an affordable price. Historically, printmaking has provided the most effective way to transmit a vital idea or message with its distinct image to the masses. Printmaking is thus the backbone of counterculture art movements and their chosen modes of communication such as 'zines, stencils, wheat pastes and graffiti. The aim of Papercut is to provide a platform for viewing singular works on paper and collecting affordable prints.