Photographer Captures Dancers Around NYC

by Erica Getto · June 13, 2012

    As New Yorkers, we like to think that we're flexible: we take the 1 train when the 2 isn't running, we'll go for an espresso when the regular coffee is still brewing, we'll even settle for standing room only admission when our favorite band comes to town.

    But when it comes to physical flexibility, photographer Jordan Matter's professional dancers have outmaneuvered us all.  Matter has composed a visually stunning tour through our nation, which he completed this May.  Matter's photo series Dancers Among Us began in the spring of 2009 and captures professional dancers against the backdrop of everyday America.

    [Times Square (Jeffrey Smith); All Photos via]

    Matter embarked on his photographic endeavor after playing with his son and identifying a presence and passion seemingly lost among adults.  The collection includes a number of New York landmarks, from the New York Public Library to Lincoln Center, subway tracks to coffee houses.

    Matter's subjects offer striking poses, adding whimsy and life to the scenes around them.  Whether their arms or legs are outstretched, their spines curved, or their toes pointed, these professional dancers fall in line with the skyscrapers, fountains and park scenes around them.  On his website, Matter writes:

    "The essence of the subject material parallels the current state of our society...where people are finding an appreciation of smaller, simpler pleasures. The images are infused with a humor and joyfulness that make the viewer feel good. The carefree nature of the work is a welcome antidote to the persistent anxiety that defines many people’s lives."

    The photo series will be featured in a book released by Workman Publishing come fall, but you can check out some of the images below and head over to his site for more information.