The "(in) Res-i-dence" Collection By David Foote

by DOUGLAS MARSHALL · October 3, 2008

    David FooteKristian Laliberte, David Foote, Timo Weiland [Photos by NICK HUNT for Patrick McMullan]

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    Life’s not always fair: Some people are good looking, popular AND talented. I consider contemporary artist David Foote to be one of those people. Strikingly handsome, amazingly talented and all of society’s most fun ones hang all over him (that’s if they are not already one of his muses for his works – New Girls!). Last night I found myself at the ultra-luxe 20 Pine residence downtown to view David Foote: (in) Res-i-dence collection in the Penthouse @ 20 Pine (presented by WHITEWALL Magazine, The Essence by Porsche Design and KWIAT). His art adorned the walls of the stylish penthouse as mobs of the typical PMc shutterlets crammed in to see it all.

    Kelly Hoffman, Summer RejJennifer CreelAnnabel Vartanian, Miguelina GambacciniKeith Lissner

    More story and photos from this event below:

    Douglas Marshall, Cayte Grieve

    The Penthouse has played host to Foote’s month long exhibit which began on September 18 and is curated by PS 1 Center for Contemporary Art associate curator Tim Goossens. This penthouse, known as The Collection, is a couture concept in lifestyle living featuring interior design by Armani/Casa. Thursday night’s party was hosted by influential art bible Whitewall Magazine, The Essence by Porsche design the new men's fragrance of invigorating freshness, Kwiat legendary jewelers, and of course a who’s who host committee – some decked in Kwait diamonds. The committee included Amanda Hearst, Andres Santo Domingo, Annie Churchill, Carol Han, Connor Paolo, Dalia Oberlander, Eva Jeanbart-Lorenzotti, Jennifer Creel, Justin Giunta, Norman Reedus, and Valerie Boster.

    Dalia Oberlander, Jennifer Creel, Annie Churchill (All Wearing Kwiat Diamonds)

    Some fun attendees that I Guest of Guested with were designer Keith Lissner, auteur David Chines, actor Brett Coady, Zink’s Jospeh Ungoco, PMc’s Nick Hunt and David X Prutting (with dad David L Prutting in tow), Cayte "HollyGoNightly" Grieve , Kristian Laliberte, Timo “In his own tie” Weiland, designer Alan Eckstein, Annabel Vartanian, Fingerprint PR’s Tim Garcia.

    In addition to being a celebrated artist, Foote has animated motion graphics for such clients as the Grammys,, L'Oreal, MTV, the Spike TV GQ Awards, Music Cares, MTV Jams, the 2003 VMAS, and MTV Espanola. Foote has also been named on of the 50 most stylish people in the world by Fashion Week Daily (told you he’s handsome) and is currently collaborating on several projects with fashion designer Johan Lindeberg.

    Going back and forth between the Penthouse and the Terrace Lounge, it occurred to me that “20 Pine” used to be 2 Chase Manhattan Plaza. Talk about a make-over. Before I was a writer, I slaved away as a banker at JPMorgan residing at 1 Chase Manhattan Plaza, which is right across the way from 20 Pine. 20 Pine is looking a lot better than 2CMP used to, and quite frankly, I look a lot better now than when I was a banker!

    [Daily Style Phile: David Foote Coins The VMNA]

    Erin Cohen, Amber Smithson

    Carol Han, David Foote, Lara Meiland-Shaw

    amie Corey, Dr. Mario-Max (Prince of Austria)

    Lara Meiland, Carol HanNell Rebowe

    Dalia Oberlander (Wearing Kwiat Diamonds)