Amid all the hustle and bustle of bulls versus bears, there lies a high-end hidden gem for everyone who loves those après-ski vibes, but not the whole falling on your face into a mountain of snow thing. Then again, even if you are miraculously coordinated with two giant slabs strapped to your feet, finding the time for a weekend trip out of the city can be challenging. This, of course, calls for a staycation.

Nestled away on Gold Street, Gild Hall, a Thompson Hotel, is the perfect little getaway right in the heart of the Financial District. Surprising at first, but not when you consider how trendy the hood has become ever since the Vogue offices moved down there. If FiDi is cool enough for Anna Wintour, it's cool enough for us.

And indeed, Gild Hall is cool. Well, warm actually. Cozy, chic, and inspired by Aspen (what could be better?), the all-in-one escape boasts rustic decor with a luxurious touch. Antler chandeliers in the lobby, custom leather headboards, and bottles upon bottles of vintage vino.

We recently spent a Saturday night getting the gilded treatment and discovered that even when the wolves of Wall Street are away, the area is the perfect place to play. Click through for our guide!

Gild Hall, 15 Gold Street

[Photos courtesy Gild Hall]