The best part of any luxe hotel stay (and the reason I will always try to avoid booking an Airbnb when I travel) is, arguably, the room service. There's just something so magical about getting a knock on the door and having whatever you want presented to you on a silver platter. But not even champagne, caviar, or one of those fancy, fruity breakfast spreads you get in France beats what the Hutton Hotel in Nashville is serving up in-room: the chance to become a literal rock star. More specifically, a gorgeous Fender guitar (or bass, or ukulele) along with personal, digital lessons courtesy of Fender Play, the iconic company's complete online learning program. 

And that's really just the cherry on top of this sweet stay. Factor in the plush, modern-meets-vintage decor (the one you conjure in your head when you think of today's Nashville aesthetic), private writing-and-recording studios for certified artists, upscale comfort food eatery, Mane & Rye Dinerant, and actual on-site concert venue, it's no wonder the Hutton Hotel is every A-lister's first choice when it comes to kicking back in Music City. This place is made for musicians, and with their new Fender Play package, that includes you - even if you've never picked up a guitar before.

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[Photos courtesy Hutton Hotel]