Calling a hotel home is just about the most luxurious of dreams, calling upon the Cary Grant and Grace Kelly-esque glamour of a bygone age. Though for a select class of the current non-proletariat, such a fancy is an actual reality. And hands down, the dreamiest of locales to set such a portrait of a life well lived would have to be, quite obviously, The Plaza. The towering watchdog of Fifth Avenue that's commanded, housed and entertained the social elite for over a hundred years.

So what does life look like from such rose colored glasses? We caught up with our friend, Bergdorf's Ambassador, Stylist, Author, and all around bon vivant, Haya Maraka, to see exactly what life at the city's beloved gem, and her new transition home, really looks like.

"The Plaza has always been my home away from home, even before I moved to New York. I remember coming here ever since I was a little girl, with my parents and grandparents. When my little sister moved from London, it seemed like a no brainer to stay at The Plaza while searching for an apartment. For me it’s always been this place of romance and nostalgia, Frank Sinatra, Marilyn, Jackie Kennedy, the Oak Room. It is an iconic building not so much because of the architecture itself but because of all the stories and history that's happened here."

It's a wonderful, charmed life for sure. Flip through for all the inspiration you could need to trade in your doorman for a bellhop and never look back again!

[Photos by Noa Griffel]