The Standard Has Nudes, And The Bowery Does, Too

by Chiara Atik · October 12, 2010

    Here we were, thinking that The Standard Hotel was the raciest hotel in town, when what should come across our dashboard but a nude photo shoot done entirely in a room of the Bowery Hotel. Not entirely safe for work (though honestly not that bad) pictures below...-

    Fans of The Bowery Hotel will delight in seeing the trademark red and white monogrammed linens, the Bowery Bedspread, the elegant brass key with a "BH" etched into it in script (no declasse room cards here!)

    The photos of Canadian model Noot Sear shot by Barbara Hvidt and Jan Gleie, are, in effect, lovely. The gray city-light coming in through the window in contrast with the stark whiteness of the bedsheets has a beautiful, ethereal effect, and makes us want to shut off our computers and lounge at the BH all day (but what doesn't, really?)

    Your move, Standard!

    For the complete (and racier) photo set, click here.