Who's Been Sleeping In The Standard's Bed?

by BILLY GRAY · October 6, 2010

    The Standard Hotel is ready to rumble and has started to tumble. Rather, it's started a Tumblr account within its Standard Culture lifestyle site, thereby challenging lesser hotels making do with staid Facebook profiles or chatty Twitter handles. -

    The Standard's choice of Tumblr as its social media platform makes sense. Just try getting the Skinemax-level nudity seen below past the prudes at Facebook. Or conveying the essence of Standard cool in a pithy 140 characters on Twitter. Tumblr is the racy, stylish French exchange student next door to Facebook's prim, popular PTA president and Twitter's senile, nonsense talking cat lady living behind the overgrown hedges down the street.

    Of course, you're only interested in peeking through the window of the mysterious girl from Montmartre in the hopes of glancing some decolletage. And that voyeuristic element fits The Standard like a black leather glove snatched from the estate sale of the Marquis de Sade. Remember management encouraging inaugural guests to get naked and prance in front of their floor-to-ceiling glass windows to the delight of pedestrians grazing on and gazing from the  High Line down below? The hotel's Tumblr brings that sort of exhibitionist titillation into the digital age.

    And what better seductress than seemingly timeless provocateur Kate Moss, who has never shied away from showing some...titillation in her modeling career? Cuddle buddies Lara Stone and Daria Werbowy just might giver her some competition. Jolie laide Frenchman Olivier Zahm, of Purple Magazine, snapped the topless Le Bain hot tub frolicking, which is tasteful in a way only French softcore porn can be.

    Far be it from The Standard or its interior nightclubs to be exclusive though, right? Riiight. The Tumblr's "Meet Our Guests" feature allows standard bearers to log in with a password and film and upload their own videos.

    OK, we're starting to wonder if this site will require a $24.95 monthly subscription to be billed to a nondescript shell company.

    More innocently, "The Standard Sounds" app lets you download free playlists, and not just of the bom chicka wah wah background score variety. Uhm, $35 Standard flashdrives are also for sale. But I'm going to go out on a limb and say the only flashing most folks will be interested in is more along these lines: