Open '09 With Olympians! Tim And Jason's New Year's Party

by TIM AND JASON · January 5, 2009

    Jason Rogers, Tim Morehouse [Jason and Tim countdown to '09 with Richie Rich]

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    New Year’s Eve was our latest endeavor into the NYCevents scene with a party of our own design, the aptly named, “Open ’09 with Olympians” at Elmo’s Lounge. With very little experience about what it takes to throw a cool party and sell tickets (why does everyone wait until the last minute to finalize NYE plans?!?!), we were in a bit over our heads, but in the end we learned a lot of valuable party planning lessons and it all came together with a packed house, a hip crowd and most importantly--- we raised about $4000 dollars for the Right To Play charity!

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    The hilarious Mo Rocca, a long time contributor to Daily Show, was in attendance and while he chatted with partiers, Richie Rich’s dancing and revelry helped set a fun tone. In attendance were a number of Olympians including Judo champion and two-time Olympian Taraje-Williams-Murray, Canadian swimmer Nikki Dryden and Olympic Silver and Bronze Medal winning diver Anne Montminy along with a packed house of friends that helped us bring in 2009 with a bang!

    Now, a few tips from our experience throwing this party (Somewhere Scott Buccheit is laughing at me as I write)

    Tim Morehouse, Jason RogersOne good idea when throwing a party is to recruit folks with a lot of friends to help you host. We learned this lesson late in the game,(luckily we learned it!) but thanks to Alison Goldman, Eva Snopek, Ember Dahlvig and Jackie Gonzalez for bringing a crew of friends!

    Another good idea is to make sure that the person you hire to work your door doesn’t get drunk and pass out on the job! Yes, our door man was passed out by 11pm and then proceeded to vomit. Let’s just say our door might not have been as well guarded as it needed to be!

    And lastly, in the category of things I never thought I would be doing, at one point we had 50 women RSVPed and only 5 men, and we had to spend quality time trying to find men to come to our party! (Haha, I remember back in high school when I might have struggled to get 2 girls to come a party…times have certainly changed!)