Which Sexy Champagne Should You Drink Tonight? Here's How To Be Hip-Hop Savvy Or Reality Chic

by Sun Kersor · December 31, 2010

    Choosing the right champagne to ring in the new year is always something of a precarious decision: too cheap and you sully the occasion, too expensive and you attract accusation of hoity-toity pretenses. Here's how to justify your choices.

    As the WSJ's Speakeasy blog writes, poppin' bubbly can come as a serious statement about which values and lifestyle you espouse. Of course, Jay-Z famously called for a boycott of Cristal after brand execs tried to distance the champagne from the hip-hop association. It's en vogue to branch out beyond champagne tel quel to incorporate the effervescent Italian prosecco and even Japanese sake with fizz.

    Speakeasy recommends Piper Heidsiek Brut Non Vintage ($45) for those looking to channel JLo, Oprah, and Marilyn Monroe:

    "Jennifer Lopez celebrated the arrival of her shoe-minded single 'My Louboutins' with some Piper (call it a French connection, since Louboutin also hails from the land of bubbly). Oprah Winfrey once put Piper on her 'favorite things' list. And going back in time, Marilyn Monroe was famed for saying she went to bed every night with Chanel No. 5 behind each ear and woke up every morning with a glass of Piper in her hand."

    If you want to inject a Diddy vibe into your New Year's Eve celebration, Speakeasy recommends Moet & Chandon Imperial ($39). Sean Combs was spotted sipping on this juice at Andre Hassel's 50th birthday party, and Ann Hathaway got a customized bottle furnished by MyMoet.com. Claire Danes, Kim Kardashian, and Ashanti are also known drinkers.

    For a low-market but classy approach move away from the champagne instinct: George Clooney has been spotted sipping the sparkling sake Gekkeikan Zipang ($6), so grow out your scruff to a Dr. Ross shadow and enjoy the ebullience.

    Cheers to a  beautiful start to 2011 whatever your drink of choice, and we'll have full reports of tonights revelry come Monday.