The New Years Party List. Party Like It's 2008!

by Rachelle Hruska · December 30, 2008

    We have gotten loads and loads of invites for New Years Eve Parties over the last couple of months.  From New York, to Miami, and even to London, we picked out some of our favorites and compiled them above and below, though you can check out our calendar for our full listing, and purchase your tickets through us HERE.

    More New Years Parties with explanations below

    Information on parties in order of appearance above:


    Pink Elephant

    Shore Club (Miami): With Busta Rhymes

    49 Grove

    Fountain Bleau (Miami): With Maroon 5

    The Eldridge (Manhattan)*

    The Plumm


    Merkato 55**


    Gansevoort South (Miami): With Chloe Sevigny and T.I.

    TenJune: With SlickRick

    Aspen Social Club




    *There is also an Eldridge party hosted by Matt Levine taking place in Miami ** This is a DINNER party hosted by the Koch brothers.

    Note: This is a very small sampling of events taking place.  Please look at the calendar for more!