Anyone looking for an Island to buy?

by guestofaguest · September 7, 2007

    Because we can help you with that.


    [Erik Wachtmeister, founder of asmallworld]

    “If anyone is looking for a private island, I now have one available for purchase in Fiji.”

    This was just one of the posts on the forum of, the exclusive online community that we have written about in the past and that the Times did a piece on yesterday.  Titled "A Facebook for the Few", the article is going to finally make "average" people aware of the fact that there is just one more thing in place to keep THEM in their place.  While being "just a few clicks away from Mr. (Harvey) Weinstein, a member, or boldface names like Naomi Campbell, Quentin Tarantino and Frédéric Fekkai", certainly makes us smile, we are also aware, as the article pointed out, that time is the most valuable thing that the truly weathly seek, and they are NOT going to be spending it on an online social network talking about hot spots in Turkey, they are going to actually BE there (with girls like the one with Erik above).  So that leaves the publicists, party promoters, and the randoms that got a lucky ticket invitation.  However, even being well aware of this knowledge, we still log on about once a week...we're getting too old to get validation out of getting into Bungalow and with this we don't even need to leave our apartment.