The Rich Bitch is Trouble…

by guestofaguest · August 29, 2007


    Leona Helmsley's dog Trouble just inherited $12 Million from the late hotelier's estate.  That's right, the "Queen of Mean" decided to give millions to her dog while cutting out 2 of her own grandchildren as reported by the AP and on the cover of today's NY Post. This bitch was even crazier than we thought.  How can someone who was part responsible for things such as the Empire State Building, 230 Park, Tudor City, and numerous high end hotels be so off of their rocker?  Not to mention, why the hell didn't her lawyer urge her to seek some help? (On second thought he's probably in charge of running this pooch's estate).  While we absolutely love dogs, there's just no excuse for people that dress them in outfits (see NY Pet Fashion Week),  request to be buried next to them, or include them in their will.  Throwing them birthday parties we are 100% okay with.