by guestofaguest · August 28, 2007

    Just wanted to share with you what La Esquina told us last night.  Being in the area we stopped by Kenmore St. to scope out the situation.  We asked them to eat downstairs and they told us it would be closed until this Saturday do to "remodeling".  Based on the numerous past reports that have told us otherwise, we will add this excuse to the list.

    Also, Daily News reported today that the Box "misrepresented" itself to its neighbors before opening.  While this is hardly shocking to anyone that has been inside the place, we find the "cultural institution" vision they came up with as their plan  alibi to be rather humorous.  Promising plays based on the lost Jack Kerouac writings and having the support of actors such as Jude Law, Josh Lucas and Rachel Weisz who wouldn't want them in their hood?  In all seriousness we don't know what these tenants' deals are....if the Box isn't a cultural institution, it is most definitely a place of learning.  And that type of knowledge you ain't gonna find on any other street in town.