Dinner Al Fresco In A Hot Air Balloon?

by Guest of A Guest · July 8, 2024

    Eating al fresco has reached new heights at Beaverbrook Estate, the luxury hotel and spa elegantly perched in the country outside of London. Earlier this spring, the property launched the fourth year of its hit festive dining experience, inviting guests to book hot air balloon tied tables in their Italian Garden overlooking the Surrey Hills.

    In keeping with the theme's spirit, the red-and-pink stiped balloons, styled by Summerill & Bishop, are complemented by the menu offerings below, three-course Japanese tastings served in wicker boxes on matching striped placemats, paired with champagne flights. 

    Hot air balloons have certainly been having a moment. Back over the holidays the notoriously over-the-top members club Annabelle's in Mayfair theatrically transformed their facade into a giant, ornate hot air balloon complete with tasseled swags, gilded throat and woven basket entryway.

    The ever genius Rebecca Gardner at Houses & Parties dreamed up a whimsical tabletop collection inspired by the romantic flight option of yore.

    So yeah, I don't know, maybe buy stock in hot air balloons?

    At the very least, book a flight to the UK.

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    [Photos via Beaverbook]