Lee Radziwill Had Quite The Chic Birthday Dinner

by Christie Grimm · February 28, 2018

    OG socialite, former Truman Capote Swan, and lifetime member of New York's Chicest Women Club, Lee Radziwill has still got, and will always have, it. In anticipation of the icon's 85th birthday this March 3rd, a festive dinner party was in order. 

    Tucked to the side at midtown's Harry Cipriani restaurant, an intimate table dressed in pink and white flowers sat a pocketful of Lee's close friends and well dressed confidants such as Carolina and Reinaldo Herrera (doesn't get much chicer than this couple), Sofia Coppola (oh shit, it does!), William Ivey Long, Hamilton South, Andrew Saffir and Daniel Benedict (the society scene dream team), Alejandra Cicognani, Jane Sarkin, and Tory Burch (which is a name we're not exactly surprised to hear in conjunction with Lee's, but one it definitely would have taken us a handful of guessing rounds to get to).

    The main takeaway from the evening? You could only ever dream of being this fabulous in your life, let alone when you're 85!

    [Photo via Getty]