9/11 Initiative

by SAPPY WANDERER · June 2, 2008

     We all have our right to question authority and while some may question whether it is justified or not, the fact is that despite how long ago certain events may have passed, they are still a fraction of time compared to one’s lifespan. In this case, it is an event that most Americans remember well and some of you readers may have seen first-hand: 9/11.

    Around Union Square Park amidst the cooling dusk night, I had the chance to encounter a group of petitioners who represent a group interested in the opportunity to allow New York voters the chance to investigate the happenings of 9/11 to find out more about just what went wrong.

    Whether you take the stance of if everything is fine now or not or if this is a dead horse that’s being beaten, the group meeting itself has its own interests in that it will feature William Rodriguez, whom some of you may remember as the man who helped the firefighters as they tried to rescue as many people as possible and is considered by many to be the last person to escape the towers as a result.

    For those that are interested, they hold their meetings on Wednesdays at 7:30 at St. Mark’s Church (2nd ave & 10th St). Considering it was only a year ago since the subject was riled up with then-NJ governor Christie Todd Whitman’s denials of risking safety of the volunteers, one can never be too sure.

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