A Pop-Up Shop Selling Fyre Festival Merch Opens In NYC Today

by Stephanie Maida · May 21, 2018

    A year after the epic experiment in schadenfreude, in which spoiled rich kids were left stranded on an island with feral dogs and cheese sandwiches, rather than the Insta-worthy, supermodel-filled music festival they had spent their parents' money on, the Fyre Festival has returned. Well, kind of.

    Some mysterious retail geniuses have apparently gotten their hands on the original Fyre Festival merch and are selling the commemorative clothing at a pop-up shop just off of Union Square today, at 873 Broadway, 6th floor, from 6 pm to 9 pm. In a press release, organizers said, "It's amazing what you can find at auction these days!" Considering the festival's shady ass founder, Billy McFarland, was just ordered to pay $26 million to investors after pleading guilty to fraud charges, we're sure this treasure trove of merchandise isn't the only thing he's been pawning.

    Nevertheless, the pieces do look pretty chic - and who wouldn't want to wear a reminder of that fateful day? Imagine the likes on Instagram! Get 10% off in-store if you RSVP here.

    [Photo courtesy Fyre Merch]