A Housekeeper Was Stuck In A Billionaire's Townhouse Elevator For THREE Days

by Stephanie Maida · January 28, 2019

    Thankfully, she's OK, or else this could have turned into the real-life "Clue" situation no one asked for. Note to the obscenely wealthy, though: fix your goddamn private elevators.

    Over the weekend, Marites Fortaliza, a 53-year-old housekeeper who works at the Upper East Side townhouse of billionaire investor Warren Stephens, got stuck during her shift while the owners were out of town Friday evening. When they returned Monday at around 10 am, they discovered she was trapped in the elevator between the second and third floors, and called 911.

    The $20 million landmarked property on East 65th Street has had two violations for failing to maintain the elevator, according to the New York Post - one in 1996 and one in 2008 (for the record, Stephens purchased it in '99). However, when building inspectors arrived at the home on Monday, they were refused entry, the Post reports.

    Stephens, who is worth about $2.7 billion thanks to his privately held, Arkansas-based investment bank, Stephens Inc., is also a prominent conservative political donor (big surprise there).

    Here's hoping Ms. Fortaliza gets a settlement that puts her on the Forbes list - or at least a new job with better elevators.

    [Photo via Google Street View]