A Sex Cam Company Is Offering To Lube Up NYC's Street Poles In Case Of Riots

by Stephanie Maida · November 3, 2020

    In today's edition of What Crazy Shit Has Arrived In My Inbox, I present to you this subject line: "Adult company offers to lube up NYC and LA poles in preparation for election riots and/or celebrations tonight."

    Well, that's one way to use the potential of civil unrest to promote your sex cam platform!

    According to the pitch (which, hey, I get the publicist needed to send but still, WHAT?), "Cities across America are boarding up and bracing for civil unrest and/or celebrations tonight. People are expected to spill out into the streets regardless of the outcome of the Presidential election. A popular celebration tactic of years past (most notably for the Philadelphia Eagles when they won the Super Bowl in 2018) is for people to climb street poles."

    It continues, "To deter people from doing so and ensure their safety, ImLive, an adult company, is offering to deploy 220 gallons of lube to New York City and Los Angeles. The lube can be used to grease up dry street poles, thus making it nearly impossible for people to scale them."

    The "adult company," ImLive (warning: it's NSFW), made its offer to the New York and Los Angeles police departments via Twitter on Tuesday and is apparently anticipating their response. 

    My take? If people don't like the results of the polls, let them climb the poles! Save that lube for all the inevitable apocalypse sex we are going to be having shortly.