AIRE Ancient Baths Bring Relaxation To Tribeca

by Neesha Arter · June 4, 2012

    Relaxation may be a rarity for New Yorkers, but the Roman inspired AIRE Ancient Baths are changing that. They opened their first spa outside of Spain in NYC's popular Tribeca.  The location they used for the spa is old by NYC standards, having been built in 1883.

    According to Forbes, AIRE is:

    “an oasis of calm that borrows from the past to show us how ancient civilizations made public baths an art for the senses. In ancient times, Greeks and Romans gave importance to banquets by inviting their guests to experience their thermal baths. The Ottomans and Arabs also considered the baths to be a place of meeting, relaxation and social relationship. ”

    The variety of spa treatments are both therapeutic and rejuvenating, offering a 90 minute thermal circuit in different pools ($75) to a Red Wine Ritual which includes a bath, facial and massage that utilize the antioxidants of Red Wine ($450).  Rest assured, you will be getting the top of the line spa day here at AIRE with aromatherapy in every treatment and your selection of organic juices.

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