Inside Biggie's Bodega, A Vintage-Filled Corner Store For Dimes Square Cool Kids

by Guest of A Guest · June 6, 2023

    You don't have to be a smoker to delight in perusing the cabinets full of fascinating collectibles at Biggie's Bodega, though admittedly it does help.

    A step back in time, this Dimes Square spot is more of a cool kid curiosity shop - tobacco tins from the 50s, old fashioned snacks by Stuckley's Candies, funky flavored sodas, vintage magazines, antique and retro lighters in the shapes of cameras, table lamps, televisions, typewriters, Jeeps, retro ashtrays and more! 

    A destination in its own right, it's also certainly an ideal place to kick around while waiting for your table at Le Dive or Corner Bar. 

    If you're lucky, the shop's namesake pup, a sweet-faced Pit Bull named Biggie, will be there to greet you, as well as owners Sammy and Derek.

    Smoking culture is alive and well, so light up!

    [Photos via @biggies.bodega]