Can You Find Love At The Bumble Cafe?

by Stephanie Maida · July 2, 2021

    When I first heard the news that Bumble, the empowered dating app, was opening an IRL cafe and wine bar, I was picturing some sort of singles-only space where women were encouraged to use cheesy pick up lines on a potential partner and offer to buy them a drink. Which I'm sure does actually happen in general more than my Sadie Hawkins-averse imagination would have me believe. It is 2021, after all. 

    But Bumble Brew, the spot that will be opening on July 24th in NYC, isn't quite the destination I thought it'd be, though it is as very yellow as one would imagine.

    Developed in partnership with Pasquale Jones of Delicious Hospitality Group, the brick-and-mortar Bumble outpost aims, rather, to become a go-to date destination. Because when you match with someone on a dating app in a city of a thousand restaurants, bars, and cafes, one always wishes there were simply a designated extension of said app to meet them in person.

    While, sure, the Pasquale Jones-esque menu of handmade pasta, veggies, and shareable plates (plus wine!) sounds good, and yeah, the sleek, yellow-hued space certainly appears to have the makings of a trendy Instagram spot, it isn't exactly a revolutionary concept. It's a restaurant! And, as someone who has so far failed at messaging most of my Bumble matches within the 24-hour allotted time slot to make plans at any restaurant, it doesn't really offer me a chance to find love... in a hopeless place (New York City). For fellow singles looking to check it out, it just straight-up sounds like that familiar nightmare: the moment you look up from your meal and realize everyone around you is on a date but you. Shiver!

    Nevertheless, I'm sure it'll be a popular pick for couples made up of marketing professionals and app developers. Curiosity will probably lead me to checking it out for dinner with my best friend, where I'll undoubtedly spend the latter half of the evening panic swiping on Bumble. 

    Bumble Brew is opening on July 24th at 98 Kenmare Street 

    [Photos courtesy Bumble Brew]