This Giant Mermaid Margarita Is Bigger Than Your Head

by Jailene Villarroel · July 27, 2017

    Down by the South Street Seaport you can find incredible views of the Brooklyn Bridge and the East River, but thanks to Watermark Bar, there's a new must-see fish in the sea. Well, half-fish is more like it.

    The "Siren" is a massive slushy margarita mixed with sangria swirls and it's clearly the coolest way to chill with friends by the pier. At $80 it may seem pricey, but this mystical creature holds the equivalent of 10 drinks - so bring your crew to share! The 'grammable cocktail is topped with edible orchids and comes with a few convenient bendy straws to help you reach the bottom, though when (if) you do, you're sure to be ship-wrecked.

    Dive in if you dare!

    Watermark Bar, 78 South Street

    [Photo via @hungrygrl_bigcity]