Convert Today

by guestofaguest · August 10, 2007


    Stay out of Washington Square park around noon...unless you care to hang out with Mitt Romney's Mormon bretheren.



    We haven't seen this many Mormons together at once, since...well you get the idea. The fact that it was in the heart of NYC is just well, weird. Don't they get like scared to be in the city and see all of the hooligans trucking around? I mean it's one thing to go door to door in small town Dakota preaching the good word, or at least their word, but Manhattan?  Everyone here is beyond reproach!  We are all sinners and theMormon Tabernacle and archangel Moroni ain't gonna bring us closer to salvation anytime soon...

    On a more secular note,  here's a tip for sunbathing in central park tomorrow: