Downton Abbey Comes To New York!

by Christie Grimm · November 20, 2017

    When we first heard that Downton Abbey would be making its transatlantic trip over to New York, the idea of something like "Downton Abbey on Ice" was almost too much to take. And while you may not be seeing Maggie Smith do a double axel during a dinner scene, we can bet you'll still be more than entertained by the show's newly opened exhibition on 57th Street. 

    The history, the fashion, the house! Embrace your inner Edwardian self and pace the very rooms of the Crawley clan and their staff - insanely recreated down to a T. Get an up close look at the iconic garb of the day - from the corset dresses and uber chic chapeaus to flapper costumes and enviable loungewear.

    Both upstairs and downstairs people welcome.