Ever Wonder How Many Pigeons Actually Live In NYC?

by Stephanie Maida · September 20, 2017

    While the official New York State Animal is, apparently, a beaver (?), the mascot of NYC is undoubtedly the pigeon. Sure, they're better known as "flying rats," and sure, their excrement can deteriorate limestone buildings and spread a gross fungus disease to humans, but these ruthless winged beasts aren't all bad. 

    Take, for example, their dating lives, which are far more wholesome than those of most city dwellers - i.e. they're super monogamous and mate for life. They're also refreshingly outgoing, and totally not shy about trying to share your sandwich on a park bench. Adorable, really.

    Well, as cute and cuddly as feral pigeons may be, chances are you've wondered, during a moment of pure Hitchcockian terror when finding yourself amid a swarm of them, just how many of these filthy creatures could possibly reside here.

    Though the old adage maintains that there is at least one bird per New Yorker (which would mean way over 8 million), the actual number is slightly more manageable, but no less horrifying: 4 million! Talk about an Urban Jungle.

    Shout out to Jimmy Fallon and his iconic pup quiz for the fun fact!

    [Photo via @jasmineb.jpg]