Fashion's Favorite Florist Has Just Opened Her First Store

by Taylor Stoddard · February 13, 2018

    The Popup Florist, an NYC-based floral design company and fashion industry go-to for clients including Theory, Barneys New York, Baja East, Topshop, Sandro Paris, Net-a-Porter, NIKE, and many more, has finally opened up its very own storefront right in the heart of the East Village. 

    The flower shop is an open studio concept where customers are encouraged to grab and go, or hang out and create their own arrangements. The founder, Kelsie Hayes, designed the space with the idea of creating a cozy and relaxed environment where friends can congregate and stay a while, but also perfectly serve as a locale for workshops, small parties and creative events. 

    In addition to plants and blooms, the shop also sells greeting cards and small gifting items from brands such as Susan Alexandra bags, Tarin Thomas jewelry, Chris Uphues items, Mrs. Meyer’s soaps and scents, Lucy Mail stationary, and have a nice dayy products. Keep an eye out for news of upcoming events like DIY activities and more!

    [Photos courtesy The Popup Florist]