Finally, You Can Legally Booze Before Noon This Weekend

by Christie Grimm · September 8, 2016

    Trix are for kids. Drinks are for adults.

    And starting this weekend - this oh so historic, calendar marking, how-was-this-not-a-thing-before, weekend - New Yorkers far and wide will finally be able to enjoy their Sunday morning Bloody Marys and mimosas outside the amateur comfort of their tiny, ill-equipped kitchens.

    Signed by friend to all Andrew Cuomo, the newly enacted "Brunch Bill" unties our state's silly loose ends of Prohibition and allows restaurants and bars to give the people what they want, and sell alcohol on Sunday mornings as early as 10 am.

    If for some bizarre reason this sloppy sabbath news sits oddly with you, just remember - Jesus himself had a 100% blood alcohol level. 

    So yeah, he'd approve.

    [Photo via @yotel]