Further Evidence Of New York's Obsession With Beauty

by MADDY MADISON · May 14, 2008

    stop handWhile I"ll avoid the "why"s he gotta be a white man?" argument, I can"t help but agree with some other New Yorkers that the city"s traffic "culture" is inextricably linked to our habits and stress-related heart attacks. We previously brought you the subway map overhaul that twas not to be. Now, there"s a new trend afoot that only denizens of our neurotic little city could care about:

    the classic stop hand slowly morphing into a trimmer, sleeker version of the little red doughboy palm that taunts over-eager pedestrians. What"s next? Fewer food carts hawking their roasted cashews...I couldn"t commute without their aroma. A small thing, for sure, but just one of the many nuances that make summertime subway platforms bearable.

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