Governors Island's New Sheep-In-Residence Are Too Cute To Miss

by Christie Grimm · April 19, 2021

    New York's a great place to live and all, but I think we can all agree it's totally lacking in the fuzzy farm animal department.

    Well, starting next month, a day trip to Governors Island ought to help scratch that itch! 

    As an absolutely adorable, eco-friendly way to control invasive plant species in Hammock Grove, the Governors Island Trust will be welcoming a flock of special new friends. Five fluffy sheep named Flour, Sam, Evening, Chad, and Philip Aries will spend spring as the island's gardeners-in-residence, munching away, enjoying stunning skyline views.

    Even though you're not allowed to feed or touch them (huge bummer, we know), how could you pass up a chance to say hi to these little guys!?

    [Photo via @gov_island]