How To Throw The Perfect Summer BBQ

by Kirby Allison · June 16, 2011

    It's that time of the year to bust out the grill and hone your recipes over an open flame. No one loves summertime activities more than a good 'ol barbecue! So, fire it up  ladies and gentlemen, we have got the fool proof guide to the perfect summertime BBQ.

    Serve A Variety of Food

    Don't get me wrong, I LOVE a good old fashioned hamburger or hot-dog but put some pizazz in your cook-out with some new recipes. Make sure you give them a test run before you try them out on the masses. Get creative! Have some vegetarian friends? No problem because you can think out of the box. You can even throw some of your favorite fish in there. Don't forget sides! Veggies and fruit always make an easy and healthy treat in addition to chips and fries. Check out the recipes below for some ideas!


    Serve Booze

    And I am not talking about that poor excuse for a beer Natty Light. Treat your guests like they matter and bring something classier into the mix. Also, don't just stop with beer, cocktails and wine are (I'm sure) always appreciated. If you don't want to pay for all the food and booze, make it BYOB, that way everyone ends up with something they will want to drink.


    Provide Entertainment

    No, your Naked Chef apron doesn't count. Obviously any good party host provides music but take it a step further, provide lawn (or deck) games. Horse shoes, croquet, frizbee, ladder golf, etc. There is a game for every amount of guests and size of space, pick something that will appeal to players and spectators alike! *be sure to provide proper seating*


    Pick And Choose Your Guests

    Don't be exclusive, I am one for including the masses and hey, if you are up to feeding a party the size of a small country, go for it! I'm just saying, DON'T invite THAT person. You know? The one who always seems to get wasted when you just want to sip a cold brew. The one who asks your friend who recently put on a few LB's when she is due. The one who somehow manages to ruin the experience as a whole. If you know THAT person, maybe see to it that they don't hear about the shin-dig.

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    Check Out These Yummy Recipes That Will Please The Whole Crowd

    Margarita Chicken

    Sticky BBQ Ribs

    Grilled Potatos (makes a great side!)

    Lime Curry Pork Skewers

    Turkey Burgers

    Grilled Romaine-Vegetarian Friendly!

    Buffalo Burger

    For a quick "how-to" guide to grilling for the beginners out there check out this easy list of things you need to know to cook some good meat.

    Follow these key steps and your backyard will quickly become the Sunday afternoon destination for all your friends.

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