In The Spirit Of Lunar New Year, Help Provide A Loving Meal To Asian Elders In Need

by Stephanie Maida · February 12, 2021

    The past year of the pandemic has been challenging for everyone, but for some of the city's most vulnerable, things have been especially hard. Food insecurity, along with an alarming rise of racist and xenophobic attacks in the wake of COVID, have put the elderly Asian community at particularly high risk - but one heroic program is stepping up to help, and you can, too!

    With Lunar New Year upon us, and so many elders separated from their loved ones during this typical time of celebration, get into the spirit and do your part to support your neighbors by donating a lovingly-prepared, culturally-thoughtful meal through Heart of Dinner.

    Founded by partners in life and love, Yin Chang and Moonlynn Tsai, Heart of Dinner was originally a supper club concept meant to bring people together through food. When the pandemic hit, they kept their community-driven mission in mind, but pivoted to where and how they could help their fellow Asian Americans at such a difficult time, especially the Po Pos and Gong Gongs facing isolation and hunger. 

    What started as a labor of love, cooking hot meals in the kitchen of their 250-square-foot apartment, has since turned into an official non-profit, with Chang and Tsai leading the charge with a team of volunteers, donors, and restaurant partners, delivering thousands of hot meals and care packages filled with fresh produce and hand-written notes to nourish the bodies and spirits of homebound elders across Chinatown and throughout the boroughs. And all the while, giving back to local small businesses in need. An all-around worthy cause indeed.

    You can learn more about getting involved HERE or take a minute to donate funds HERE!"... stroke="none" stroke-width="1" fill="none" fill-rule="evenodd">
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