iPhone Goes Off During New York Philharmonic Performance, Conductor Stops

by Courtney McGowan · January 12, 2012

    This past Tuesday, conductor Alan Gilbert abruptly stopped mid-symphony during a performance with the New York Philharmonic. Why you ask? To tell someone to turn off their cellphone. - - - [Photo: Alan Gilbert via]

    Much to the chagrin of concert-goers, one insensitive audience member apparently let his iPhone ring, and ring, and ring during a performance of Mahler's Ninth Symphony.

    It was only until members of the audience took off their monocles and top-hats, and pointed the culprit out, that the ass-ailant reached into his pocket and put it on vibrate.

    "This man was incredibly rude! He wouldn’t even confess until it became unbearable..Concertgoers shouted "get him out of here!" and "take his tickets!" , concert-goer Sarah Newman-Strauss said.

    To make matters worse, the offender's choice of ring? Marimba.