It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad Park


    Seasme Street, Madison Square Park

    Afterschool Special:

    As I was on my daily stroll, I happened to encounter a large commotion in Madison Square Park. Lo and behold, it was a phantom of my youth: puppeteers clad in plush, bright colored suits. 23rd Street was being magically transformed into Sesame Street for the afternoon, just in time for all the kids running home after the final toll of the bell. Today's filming is one of seven school-related segments on an upcoming episode of Sesame Street. Entitled, "Murray had a Little Lamb," this ensemble of fun and furry creatures did not feature Big Bird or the Cookie Monster, but nonetheless sure brought a smile to the kids faces who were there.

    For some reason the set included a hot dog man providing one of the puppets with a weiner complete with all the toppings. Hopefully this section will tackle what not to eat on the streets of New York. If not, it's no wonder there is a surge of obesity in today's children.


    The World's Smallest Theater

    Madison Square Park is the last stop for the World's Smallest Movie Theater before it moves onto L.A. Until Saturday, the theater is showing short films shot by ordinary people all around the world in connection with Pangea Day on May 10th and the recent release of the new Nokia N95 cell phone (which shoots and edits in the palm of your hand). Nokia is striving to connect people all around the world through film via this contest, whose submissions ended yesterday. The winner of the contest will have the opportunity to produce a film in their own vision. Watch a film for free in the city before they skip town.