Kelly Bensimon-The (Other) Lawsuit You Haven't Heard About...

by guestofaguest · April 17, 2009

    [The Owl in Question, hanging from Kelly's neck]

    From the tipline: Kelly Bensimon is NOT a jewelry designer as this week's Real Housewives of NY would like you to believe.  In fact, that Owl design that she proudly displayed on this week's show are pieces STOLEN from one of our favorite designers, Celeste Greenberg, founder of Tuleste (and an ACTUAL designer).  It gets better: not only are the owl designs NOT Kelly's, she is currently tied up in a lawsuit about the stolen property with Tuleste!

    We spoke to Celeste (who is at Coachella), who declined to comment, but we got confirmation that the lawsuit was indeed in progress...

    Digging deeper we got the story: apparently Celeste worked with Kelly as an editor at Elle Accessories and styled her with the owl for Fashion Week, as well as used the owl in her personal shoots.  Kelly told her: "I like your eye! Let's start a line together!" and as soon as they had started the design, she cut Celeste out of the picture.

    Not that Celeste has anything to worry about with or without those silly owls, which have been tainted by Kelly (see photos below).  Tuleste has been killing it with fabulous parties and loads of press from celebrity fans and fashion magazines ranging from BAZAAR to InStyle.  The line has loads of other pieces to choose from anyway.  Kelly has the owl (for now), and she can keep it.  Along with yet another lawsuit (her first one, as you all know is from beating her ex boyfriend).

    [Most recent Tuleste Party]

    The owls designed by Celeste