"Manhattanhenge" Takes Over NYC

by Christina Makoyawo · May 31, 2011

    There's always something going on in NYC, that's inevitable and expected. But who knew the buildings like to draw inspirations from pre-historic monuments? What am I talking about?  Manhattanhenge.Manhattanhenge happens when the sun's setting aligns precisely with the Manhattan street grid. Thus creating an illuminating path of light across the city's large metropolitan monuments.

    The occurrence illuminates the North & South sides of every cross street in Manhattan's grid. ManhattanHenge was not unintentional, but based on science and astrology will happen a few more times.

    Amazing right? Well today and July 11th, at 8:17pm and 8:25 pm respectively, you'll get a chance to see the full sun on the horizon. On July 12th at 8:25pm you will see half of the sun on Manhattan's grid.


    Speaking of remarkable NYC skies, remember when the sky was red and looked like flames last summer?