Mayor Bloomberg Suits Up, Fights Crime

by HANNAH LAWRENCE · May 3, 2010

    MAyor Bloomberg

    Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Ray Kelly (pictured with Governor David Patterson) left the White House correspondents' dinner early to hold a press conference after they'd received word on Saturday night that a dark green Pathfinder was parked on Broadway and 45th street and was filled with propane, gasoline and fireworks.-

    The Mayor explained why thousands upon thousands of tourists, theater enthusiasts, and hotel occupants were evacuated from 43rd through48th street. He carefully explained the device, though apparently homemade and that of an "amateur," still could have created "a very deadly event" because it had been set to detonate and was active by the time police arrived.

    The vehicle was discovered by Lance Orton, an observant t-shirt vendor and Vietnam veteran, who alerted a mounted police officer after he saw smoke coming out of the vents near the back of the SUV, which was awkwardly aligned with the curb and had its hazard lights on. The mounted police officer called for more assistance when he smelled gunpowder.

    If he hadn't come straight from the dinner (signs of which are his helicopter and his tux), we're sure he would have taken the train to Times Square in his pjs. Would we still trust him if we saw he was in My Little Pony pjs? Of course. In fact, maybe more so, because who doesn't have a pair of those?

    In all respects, we hope he got to hear President Obama's comedic routine and got all his laughs out before heading back here. But not even Batman can have fun for too long.

    [image via NYT]