MTA's New Signs Accidentally Spell Out "FML"

by Chiara Atik · June 14, 2010

    HOW could no one have forseen this? The MTA has merged the "V" with the "M" line, which means that a ton of signs in Union Square accidentally spell out "FML". This isn't great PR for a line that already has most commuters muttering obscenities to themselves when they get stuck in Brooklyn on weekends. -

    Hopefully they'll re-order the lines on the signs? LFM, perhaps? And while they're at it, we have some other helpful suggestions:

    Separate Entrance and Exit Turnstiles

    It is SO ANNOYING to like, wait outside the turnstile with your card poised while twenty people exit the train that YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO GET ON.

    Signs That Show When The Train Will Come

    Why is the "L" the only train that does this? There is NOTHING worse than hanging around a subway platform, having no idea whether the train will come in one minute or in nineteen. You wait and wait and wait, and finally decide to buy a magazine from an underground bodega, and right when you're fumbling around for change the train comes. "The next train will depart in 7 minutes" can save your sanity.

    TVs in the trains

    No, I swear, this isn't totally unreasonable: they have them in Germany, and you'd be amazed by how much more enjoyable the commute is when can watch the morning news. Totally better than the "Metro News" that gets splattered all over the city.