Must NYC Still Take Advice From Eliot Spitzer?

by BILLY GRAY · January 4, 2010

    Over the slow news weekend, the Times ran a list of New Year's resolutions iconic New Yorkers proposed for the city. All harmless enough, with the exception of Eliot Spitzer's inclusion. Apparently, the old adage about glass houses and stones fell on Spitzer's deaf Dumbo-esque ears.

    The disgraced former governor had the briefest entry on the list (maybe the Times hoped people would skim past it?). He explained tEliot Spitzerhat in 2010, he "would love to see investment bankers actually do God's work." Eh, halfway decent zing. And when Spitzer was at the top of his game crusading against Wall Street corruption as New York Attorney General, it might have made us smile.

    But in the wake of the hooker scandal that exposed his moral hypocrisy, the comment makes us hope Spitzer comes up with a resolution for himself: disappear.

    The article's saving grace came from Jimmy Breslin. The crusty, perpetually cranky journalism vet slammed the impotence of the city's contemporary reporters:

    "Then you have to start a real newspaper. Do the newspapers today even attack anybody anymore? They had Bloomberg winning by a mile and a half. The people know more than the newspapers and the television does. They sure knew not to like Bloomberg as much as they were told to. People are getting away with murder all over the place, and the papers have a chance to say something about it. But they just don’t do it."

    Hear, hear! I wonder which paper he could have been referring to...

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