New York Is No Longer Our Sandbox

by SAMANTHA QUEEN · February 25, 2008

    safe're not alone. I am confused. I thought Manhattan had become a fairly safe place to live. I thought we were witnessing some kind of Golden Era – Pax New York(err, -icana?), if you will. In various posts, Guest of a Guest writers and editors have filled you in on some of the more random acts of violence that have recently occurred. Today, three people were stabbed at lunch hour on 45th near 5th. Around 7:40 Saturday morning, a 29-year-old man left work only to get shot in the neck outside of The Williams Club, haunting grounds of some New York’s well-pedigreed, upper crust. And remember our post on the serial-sodomist, Borat-wannabe who posed as a livery driver, fooling more than a few unlucky women as they stumbled out of The Box?  And what about the Hepatitis breakout at Socialista? That being said, I plan to (a) stop reading these stories when I happen to stumble upon them; (b) stop writing about these stories, as unfortunately, we all get the point; and (c) close with the unhappy message that New York is no longer our sandbox. Take a self-defense class or invest in some pepper spray or something. Godspeed.

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